As you make your way to the platform of the docks, you see six of the largest sailing vessels you have ever seen in your life. You try to make your way through the massive crowd to try and get a good view of the podium, but it is so packed you are having trouble moving at all. Amidst the chatter of sentimental farewells and excited hopes of this new and grand adventure you hear a series of trumpet blasts. As the crowd falls silent, you see a tower of a man in dull grey plate armour that has obviously seen more than its share of battles, step forward to the podium. Behind him stand four individuals (an incredibly attractive woman wearing the priestly vestments of Iomedae over what appears to be leather armour, a wild haired man with goggles and a trench coat, a relatively aged individual in a dark purple cloak with a staff made of an off white material, and another young man clad in peasant clothes and covered in various tattoos) all human as far as you can tell. He begins to address the crowd. “Today” he bellows with a voice of authority, “we set forth, my fellow frontiersmen, on a noble adventure to tame an unexplored continent. We will subdue it for the glory of our mighty nations and for our Gods! And upon history, we will mark the tales of our deeds and our victories.” The throng of people around you cheers wildly at this statement. When they have been quieted, he continues: “You are the chosen few for this task. You have shown your character, tenacity, and integrity in a multitude of situations. I am proud to sail along side you, to explore the new world with you, and to call each of you my friend and my family!” Of course, you know this to be more platitude than sincerity, as most of the passages either paid a hefty sum or agreed to a lengthy indentured servitude for this chance to start anew. The man whom you surmise to be established as the governor of this new colony concludes: “As we brave this lengthy voyage, I have the utmost faith that with our combined skills and the leadership of this council before you, we will build the greatest city this world has ever known!” with that you , along with all around you, are assigned to a ship which will be your home for the next three months as you begin the next chapter and the greatest journey you could ever hope for.

new world adventures

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